APIO 2020 Registration

Confirmation Phase

The leader of each country listed below will be contacted by email. Then they can reply with their confirmation of joining the competition. For the deadline of the confirmation, please refer to schedule page.

Registration Phase

After the confirmation, we will provide the leaders with a template to register all their participants (name and email), and also register the sites in their home country. For the deadline of the registration, please refer to schedule page.

Eligible Country and Status

The countries listed below are the countries that have participated in APIO in the past. If you think that your country is eligible but has not been listed here, please contact us at info.apio2020@toki.id.

Country Status Leader No. Sites No. Participants
Armenia Armen Andreasyan    
Australia Kevin Tran    
Azerbaijan Ramin Mahmudzade    
Bangladesh M. Sohel Rahman    
China Hong Wang    
Georgia Zaza Gamezardashvili    
Hong Kong Tony Wong    
India Madhavan Mukund    
Indonesia Felix Jingga    
Iran Mohammad Ali Abam    
Israel Avshalom Elmalech    
Japan Seiichi Tani    
Jordan Mowaffaq Hanandeh    
Kazakhstan Temirlan Satylkhanov    
Korea Inbok Lee    
Kyrgyzstan Kylychbek Uraiymov    
Macao Michael Chan    
Malaysia Wei Xin Tan    
Mongolia Danzan Tsedevsuren    
New Zealand Yulia Turkova    
Palestine Mousa Alrefaiyeh    
Philippines Rafael P. Saldana    
Russia Andrey Stankevich    
Singapore Suhendry Effendy    
Sri Lanka Adithya Narasinghe    
Syria Ammar Alnahhas    
Taiwan Hung-Lung Wang    
Tajikistan Alexandr Ismatov    
Thailand Jittat Fakcharoenphol    
Turkey Tolga Can    
Turkmenistan Kochek Arazow    
Uzbekistan Akmal Ashirmatov    
Vietnam Son Bao Pham